Super Robust Robot Hand

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have built an anthropomorphic robot hand that can endure collisions with hard objects and even strikes from a hammer without breaking into pieces. Read more:

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25 thoughts on “Super Robust Robot Hand

  1. @fredhead14 For now …
    @fredhead14 For now the point is to put this bad boy on a human amputee. Think of Robocop, not the Terminator.

    Anyway, robots are an opportunity, not a threat. People are way too easily influenced by scifi clich├ęs. It’s amazing how often the so called science fiction paints science and technology in a bad light. As if nature were just inheritly better.

  2. @fredhead14
    I …

    I don’t think that extinction of human kind is necessary bad. May be our planet needs to get rid of people?

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  4. If u really think …
    If u really think robots could take Orr use haha search EMP on YouTube it would completely fry these guys

  5. WTF if we ever give …
    WTF if we ever give a robot a brain that can process faster than our own we are doomed. DONT YOU ALL WATCH MOVIES! SHIZNITS!

  6. This frickin scares …
    This frickin scares. It reminds of Terminator and how machines are going to take over the world and end Humans

  7. @hacker4400 Maybe …
    @hacker4400 Maybe they program it incorrectly and well they end up slaughtering humans

  8. cAt pOo HaS beEn …
    cAt pOo HaS beEn FoUnD oN a dIsTaNt pLaNeT !!! tHe uNbEliEvAbLe tRuTh iS in tHe ViDeO spacecat 175

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