My First Robotic Project.

This is my first robotic project.

The robot uses a Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller from Parallax connected to the serial port, what I’ve actually done is that I have mounted a laptop computer inside the robot with support for Wi-Fi connection. This gives me the opportunity to easily control the robot from anywhere using extern desktop from another computer. From there I have made a program in Visual Basic that is programmed to open up a serial connection to interact with the Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller.
I have also mounted a camera that uses servos so I can move the camera up/down and right/left.
There are two, high torque servos for moving the Robot.

More information coming soon….

Duration : 0:1:25

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21 thoughts on “My First Robotic Project.

  1. good job man.. i’ll …
    good job man.. i’ll do a small robot during the next week..i hope it works as yours

  2. @everyone who is …
    @everyone who is criticizing him

    Lay off of him! This is his first robot project. He is just learning!

  3. Hey, i would be …
    Hey, i would be sooo glad if you send me the source code for the visual basic project. I have been searching on how to use ports with vb. I will subscribe. Good video 😀

  4. looks too technical …
    looks too technical for its ability…i would think it can do what megatron can!!

  5. @AJHunt17 Sorry, I …
    @AJHunt17 Sorry, I cant do that. Dont have a circuit digram of it. Its all inn my head 🙂

  6. Good Day!
    Can you …

    Good Day!
    Can you please provide the circuit diagram for this whole project? It would really great if you do because we have a computer interfacing project at our school and I am an electronics and communications engg student there. Please do reply. Thnx a lot dude!

  7. i know who to make …
    i know who to make a little car run 40 feets with a mouse trap. and awsome robot!!!

  8. Great Job!

    I would …
    Great Job!

    I would remove the laptop from the robot though, if you are using a serial connection a simple blueSmirf from Sparkfun can create a bluetooth serial connection with very little effort. Also using remote desktop isn’t the best way to control it over wifi, in visual basic 2008 you can easily set up communication over a network and send strings back and forth between the first computer and the onboard computer.

    Anyway good job on your first project!

  9. Robots are …
    Robots are controlled by computers to begin with. Whether or not its direct user control or autonomous is the question. This is a robot, but its not autonomous as it requires user input to actually do something. An autonomous robot would be able to function on its own through sensor input and code.

  10. it doesnt matter if …
    it doesnt matter if you directly control it from a computer
    the army does it so its stll a robot

  11. Congratulations on …
    Congratulations on the STAMP robot. I’ve built three robots, myself (no videos). I know this is quite an accomplishment. 😀

  12. this is awesome. …
    this is awesome. Can you provide me with some reliable sources of information and parts?

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