google sketchup tutorial 1 – the basic tools

this is an additional video to my clip “how to make a robot” … i hope now its easier to follow, what i was doing there… thx for commenting, voting and subscribing. this time IT IS A TUTORIAL — i hope.

knomseng – its all good 😉

Duration : 0:10:34

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25 thoughts on “google sketchup tutorial 1 – the basic tools

  1. @jeanLflores – …
    @jeanLflores – there is several render-plugins.
    e.g. indigo (easy to find – google knows where)

  2. @stigmatic79 – the …
    @stigmatic79 – the rotation-tool… in the tool-bar close to the move-tool… found it?

  3. whats an easy way …
    whats an easy way to rotate i cant do it no matter what i do what am i doing wrong???

  4. @torqtorqtorq … …
    @torqtorqtorq … if you make adjustments with your mouse, just start to draw it by mouse and than type the values you need and they will be accepted. (e.g. 10;10 to make a square)… hope that helps.

  5. I just need to know …
    I just need to know how to draw a cube and use values to define its exact position on the X and Y axes. Damnit.

  6. im supposed to use …
    im supposed to use this for school, and i haven’t got a clue how to use this

  7. lol im just trying …
    lol im just trying to start up google sketchup and im having trouble, what do you type in “application” when you’ve finished downloading?

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