Robot Wars The Gauntlet Playset Toy Review

A review of the Gauntlet playset, with exclusive X-Terminator pullback off of the BBC TV show Robot Wars, produced by logistix kids.

Duration : 0:8:57

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5 thoughts on “Robot Wars The Gauntlet Playset Toy Review

  1. @RobotsGreatWar2 Ur …
    @RobotsGreatWar2 Ur welcome! Thanks but i think urs is good too as it comes from a younger perspective, while im a boring adult now with boring adult opinions…

  2. Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the shoutout. Your review is more ‘in depth’ review I guess. I’m glad the both of us give some people to chance to see what the actual product looks like before buying it.

  3. i can find most of …
    i can find most of mine except 1 of the ramps and the tubes for the spikes

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