555 timer based analog robotics.wmv

My entry for the 555 timer contest. An easy approach to learning servo control systems and robotics while learning electronics.

The 2 motor walker is Mark Tilden’s original idea with BEAM robotics. Sine servos is my idea.

More info can be found here:

Duration : 0:12:58

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13 thoughts on “555 timer based analog robotics.wmv

  1. This i the greatest …
    This i the greatest 555/analog/robotics video and tutorial i have ever seen

  2. Outstanding and …
    Outstanding and inspiring. You rock dude. Thank You for your generosity in sharing. SmokeTester

  3. I love this kind of …
    I love this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing that information. I like how you start with the small servo control scheme then progressively go more into it with applications.

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