Arduino Starter Pack Unboxing

Hi guys, this is my first video on YouTube, an unboxing of the Arduino microcontroller starter pack, from Adafruit Industries.

If you have any questions regarding the kit check out the Adafruit Industries site for info: Enjoy!

More content up soon! In the meantime, follow me on Twitter:

Duration : 0:5:13

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20 thoughts on “Arduino Starter Pack Unboxing

  1. @donutsprinkles99 …
    @donutsprinkles99 You use prototyping wires quite easily to prototrype between the board (pins) and the breadboard. The materials for the prototyping shield came with the kit, and I built and soldered it myself — quite easy if you know how to solder. Hope this helps!

  2. when you have the …
    when you have the protoshield attached with the breadboard on do you have to connect the pins to the breadboard or are they already connected? and how long did it take to ship to you?

  3. @Huffdev a …
    @Huffdev a protoshield is just short for a prototyping shield. It is something that you build (or buy) and insert into the top of your Arduino for testing out projects, ideas, etc.

  4. It says… “Before …
    It says… “Before removing this seal, please read the terms of use……..” Meh, I’ll do that later.

    You got 5/5 just for that 🙂 (but the video was great too!)

  5. @holycrapapie same …
    @holycrapapie same here, but i got one for my birthday, so now i dont want anything for christmas 🙁

  6. Yes, I do. It has …
    Yes, I do. It has been really annoying and as such I will soon be buying a much larger breadboard. It’s just nice to have this one attached directly to the Protoshield for quick, on-the-fly projects.

  7. i no this is a bit …
    i no this is a bit of a pointless comment but …..

    that thing looks awsome!

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