Techno Tokyo: Robot Worn On Your Body Can Increase Your Stre

In the latest installment of NY1’s two-week series looking at technology in Japan, Techno Tokyo, we meet the bionic man…sort of. Tech Beat Reporter Adam Balkin explains

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25 thoughts on “Techno Tokyo: Robot Worn On Your Body Can Increase Your Stre

  1. This time, WE’RE …
    Or maybe i’ll just start in the “liftin’ buisness” :p

  2. YES! I can finally …
    YES! I can finally act out my dreams of flipping a tank with my bare hands! CYBORGS FTW! ^o^

  3. Wow sorry when I …
    Wow sorry when I saw your comment I blurted out in laughter for some reason o_o

  4. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah
    ne prendi altri 5 tutti colorati e fanno il megazort!!!! hahahahah

  5. oh sweet!!…this …
    oh sweet!!…this is soo cool…it would be really cool if each person in the army had one of these suits…i also like the way the man in the video says signals…lol

  6. i want to see him …
    i want to see him punch through a wall or lift a giant weight. not some dumb rice bags.

  7. Sorry, I was just …
    Sorry, I was just wondering… and me being from America has nothing to do with it. I wasn’t even born there..

  8. You must be from …
    You must be from America.

    And my guess is right, looking at your profile…

    You don’t want this world to end up as a conformist dystopia, right? Please change your way of thinking, it will also make you paranoid, often followed by death, so I’ve warned you.

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