how to make a roach robot

an easy robot
– made out of the parts that you can find in an RC(remote control)car or in any eletronicsĀ“ store if you want it to go slower then just take of the wheels … (works better if you the tape or heat-shrink-tubing on the iron bars)

Duration : 0:6:18

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18 thoughts on “how to make a roach robot

  1. dude, or dudett, …
    dude, or dudett, whatever, but this was pretty cool. and i am making one now. it is really cool to make.

  2. Sorry wrong post, …
    Sorry wrong post, lol. What is LED and where can i get it?? plz tell me which is the cheapest place to get it like a junk or a mechanical pencil or what cause i am only ten years and cant get it from a handphone something.

  3. i just started …
    i just started makeing mechainical robots may u make a video for beginners pleas?

  4. you can take the …
    you can take the wheels off and change the guitarstring—>Paper clip.
    it’s works better

  5. you can get them …
    you can get them from radio shack or the source they cost about 6 bucks in canada but they are so good but can i make the cocroach slower?

  6. wow cool but i luck …
    wow cool but i luck things to use .. no other simple things to use like scrap

  7. Nice video. The pace is good, overall, but it goes a little too quickly through the steps in the middle, where you’re attaching wires to the sensors, led and switch. Do you have a circuit diagram that shows how everything’s hooked up?

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