Building Robots : Building a Simple Robot From Scratch

Building a simple robot from scratch requires finding a few simple components, such as a miniature remote-controlled tank, spare model parts, miniature LED lights and circuits from other toys. Create a one-of-a-kind robotic figure with information from a computer graphics artist in this free video on robots.

Expert: John P. Funk
Bio: John Funk has been working professionally in the computer graphics industry since 1995, fulfilling one of his dreams of becoming a full time artist.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

Duration : 0:2:10

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25 thoughts on “Building Robots : Building a Simple Robot From Scratch

  1. That is a insult to …
    That is a insult to all Roboteers in this? world , that can’t be call a robot as its a hack using the same part with different top its not a Robot in any definition

  2. dude he could have …
    dude he could have just putsome lights on the? original tank and had the same result

  3. @1993paule Now we? …
    @1993paule Now we? just need to strap C4 to it and drive it somewhere and make it explode.

  4. its a rc car and? …
    its a rc car and? he didnt make it himself it wasnt even an rc car he made from scratch it was a modified rc car

  5. so you can build it …
    so you can build it yourself (from scratch)…you just need to have one first.

    ah, that makes sense.?

  6. @MrFury4 No.. he …
    @MrFury4 No.. he doesn’t make robots.. he customizes toys.. ? He probably doesn’t have the mental ability to create a robot..

  7. Well, I think he …
    Well, I think he had something that was worth showing to us. But I would call it more of a modified robot. Because he already had a foundation set up for him with the controller and the? actual driving mechanism itself.

  8. this is not from …
    this is not from scratch and you bassicly didnt make it it was? already made get a life and expertvillage should make some good vids for a change

  9. This one’s more …
    This one’s more interesting than the last I viewed. But it sure would be nice to know exactly how? to go about building one of these things.

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