Arduino Air Drums

My Air Drums based on Arduino platform, MIDI device, 3 accelerometers, light sensor, USB hub, havaianas sandals & 2 hand rakes 🙂

Schematics & code located in the following links:

Duration : 0:3:45

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25 thoughts on “Arduino Air Drums

  1. @antgo264

    – …

    – ADXL335 X 3
    – Light Dependent Resistor X 1
    – Arduino UNO X 1
    – USB Hub X 1
    – male to male custom USB cables X 4
    – Female USB Jacks X 2
    – MIDI female jack X 1
    – MIDI To USB device (M-AUDIO – Uno) X 1
    – Different resistors to use the MIDI & Light Dependent Resistor via arduino
    – Garden racks X 2
    – Havainas sandals X 2

    that’s it?
    also see the the eagle sketch attached in the video info

  2. congratulations on …
    congratulations on the project, it’s amazing!!!

    could you please provide / message me a list of the? specific hardware used? I assume 2 single axis accelerometers and one dual axis and I noticed the sparkfun so if you could give me that info it would be great 🙂

  3. This is epic! I …
    This is epic! I want to have this too, but I can view the code from the file in the link in neither the arduino or processing program for some reason, as an error occurs. Are more people? experiencing this?

  4. @killeraven since …
    @killeraven since the solution is too long to be sent by a comment reply, i sent it to your YouTube message account.

  5. hey man, first of …
    hey man, first of all i have to congratulate for your work. its simply great!!!

    i have a question. in the sketch i can see that u made a definition of 2 extra notes. the Ride and the crash.. what do i need to do in order to play? those notes? what kind of move or which axis i should move?

    again you really did a great job… keep it up!!!

  6. Great? project – …
    Great? project – but AWESOME job on the video as well. Entertaining as well as very educational/inspiring.

  7. @ansh123007 watch …
    @ansh123007 watch the full info of? the video the view the link for the code & schematics …?

  8. It would be nice to …
    It would be nice to actually hear them being played. The soundtrack is useless.?

  9. Hi ! I have added …
    Hi ! I have added the code & the schematics, watch the full info of? the video the view the link…

    Enjoy !

  10. k 1 question “does …
    k 1 question “does it use? som advanced integration and differentiation and stuff”?plz notify me as soon as ur updated

  11. @ferrmata Que o …
    @ferrmata Que o queeeeee!!!? Fair play!!! E MacGyver continua fazendo isso com um chiclete e te batendo ao mesmo tempo!!! =*

  12. ai cara de? quem é …
    ai cara de? quem é esta música.. muito loka velho,
    a batera show de bola… kkk

  13. AWE. SOME. I’m …
    AWE. SOME. I’m looking forward to a more detailed tutorial about how to build one of those, it would really help improving both my drums and electronic? skills!

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