Tutorial 02 for Arduino: Buttons, PWM, and Functions

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Duration : 0:20:9

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23 thoughts on “Tutorial 02 for Arduino: Buttons, PWM, and Functions

  1. Jeremy,
    Were you …

    Were you super NERVOUS the first time you swallowed your? BOYFRIEND’S LOAD OF JIZZ?

  2. is there a guy with …
    is there a guy with a gun behind your camera? or why do you keep nervously glancing behind it????? I MUST KNOW

  3. I have mine hooked …
    I have mine hooked up exactly like yours in the first part but my light always stays on and when I press the button the light goes off. I’ve rechecked the sketch and wiring and it’s exactly like it should be, what can it be? If I follow this demo all the way to the end it works correctly but if I go back and load the first part of the sketch (just like in the beginning)? it’s still backwards.? I’m stumped.

  4. @jgrecoarroyo So …
    @jgrecoarroyo So when i push that button what is? exactly happening? Because i thought perhaps the button blocks the flow and when you press it, it allows the flow.. Is that correct?

  5. @AnnoyingXboxer Yes …
    @AnnoyingXboxer Yes, since it is a pull-down resistor (connected to ground). If it was a pull-up resistor (normally on; we push to obtain? a low value, the current will be flowing through the resistor all the time except when pressed). I hope I haven’t messed you up :S

  6. @jgrecoarroyo? So …
    @jgrecoarroyo? So the only time electricity flows through the resistor is when the button is pushed right?

  7. @AnnoyingXboxer The …
    @AnnoyingXboxer The resistor is a “pull-down” resistor, meaning it will? be connected to ground. This is because when our push button is not pressed, the arduino board will read a low value, and when we press it will read the high value. If we didn’t place a resistor we will short-circuit the power signal with ground! Too much current will be driven and we could damage the circuit.

  8. @AnnoyingXboxer? …
    @AnnoyingXboxer? you need a resistor to limit the current, otherwise it will be bad for the arduino AND the LED

  9. Like for the …
    Like for the Resistor, How is it not going to pin8 but somehow going to ground through? the resistor? Arnt they both on the same line on the breadboard?

  10. Can some one …
    Can some one explain what exactly that Resitor is doing? I know he is sending it to ground… But why do you have to do? that?

  11. Question: Can …
    Question: Can someone explain the circuitry to me? i don’t quite? understand what was going on there.

  12. what is Auduino, …
    what is Auduino, and what is? it used for , can u please tell me thank you

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