Tutorial 03 for Arduino: Electrical Engineering Basics

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Watch my TechBits Episode on Analog and Digital Signals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3rsO912e3I

Watch Jeri Ellsworth’s video on Amperes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSj1SH5Zpqg

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Duration : 0:16:12

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24 thoughts on “Tutorial 03 for Arduino: Electrical Engineering Basics

  1. Beautifully made …
    Beautifully made man!? Why can’t the rest of youtube make quality videos like this.

  2. My friend your …
    My friend your lesson is perfect. I am a teacher of electrical engineering in? Technical school in Greece…
    Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooot!!!

  3. @BanthaFodd3r You …
    @BanthaFodd3r You generally just reference the datasheet. It has to do with? cutting out certain frequencies.

  4. @1AppleMaker yes, …
    @1AppleMaker yes, 2V drops across the LED, which? leaves 3V to drop across the resistor.

  5. @claymantoo 10K is …
    @claymantoo 10K is a pretty standard value. “Stronger” pulldowns are lower valued. What you? choose depends upon the impedance of the pin you are pulling down.

  6. Your videos are …
    Your videos are absolutley awesome, I’m a junior ece major in UIUC, and besides textbook I don’t know anything else from my major. I kind of have problems with some of the programming part, like functions, or how to creat libraries … I? never get to learn a language from basic, I just know different things from different languages. Do you have any suggestions for learning C language?

  7. Great tutorials, …
    Great tutorials, Jeremy! Could? you explain how the values of the decoupling capacitors are chosen?

  8. By 2 volt drop, do …
    By 2 volt drop, do you mean that you have a 2 volt LED? and that there is a remaining 3 volt to the resistor, because that is how I see it?

  9. Your tutorials are …
    Your tutorials are great!!! Congratulations and Thanks so much for sharing your? knowledge!
    I just bought my arduino board and will start going all your videos!!!

  10. thanks! these …
    thanks! these tutorials are very useful to know a little bit of Electrical Engineering!! Pura vida! like we say in Costa Rica.?

  11. Only if my …
    Only if my professor had explained stuff this well i would have passed beginners? circuit ..

  12. Great, thank you …
    Great, thank you very much! Very simple and understandable!

    One suggestion though: sometimes? you talk really fast (you’re probably not aware of it) and your pronunciation is not the cleanest (no offend), which makes it hard to understand what you’re saying. An example of your high rate of speech is in this video when you start to talk about voltage regulators.
    My English is really good, but I have trouble understanding some bits of your text, and I can imagine that others have even more.

  13. Question: i’m …
    Question: i’m wondering about the first example you showed, is .05 A running through the whole? circuit, or just the bottom part?
    Question: So the pull down resistor: basically what it does is change the signal from the button if it’s less than 10K (or whatever) from 1 to 0?

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