Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

By Garnet Hertz (2005) “Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot” is an experimental mechanism that uses a living Madagascan hissing roach atop a modified trackball to control a three-wheeled robot. If the roach moves left, the robot moves left. Infrared sensors also provide navigation feedback to the roach, striving to create a pseudo-intelligent system with the roach as the CPU.

Duration : 0:1:53

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25 thoughts on “Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

  1. Wierd or wired …
    Wierd or wired party gag. If remote controlled: Poor Roach. If not: Please don’t do this just for fun. Q: What is motivation for Roach to crawl into one direction or another? Guess, it’s not imagining cybernetical enhancement to move mchine through space.

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  3. 1. Give roach …
    1. Give roach control over indestructible robot
    2. Attach guns
    3. ??????
    4. Profit!!!

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  5. lets test the robot …
    lets test the robot out with some paintball guns and let the roach loose

  6. the roachs will …
    the roachs will take over the world. this is the start eventually the roaches will make tanks like this. LOL

  7. Incredible video! …
    Incredible video! You have also answered a long-standing question of my own, as to why so many “human beings” are so awful. They are roach robots! OMG what the future will hold?! Who in the world thought this up is truly a GENIUS.
    Thanks for posting. * * * * *

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