Paintball Tank vs Paintball Sentry (video 18 of 18) I mounted a turret kit from our website to a Traxxas slash and pit it up against the paintball sentry. This was also a test of a new calibration algorithm that will be in v2.1 (which is free for current customers).

Duration : 0:3:41

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25 thoughts on “Paintball Tank vs Paintball Sentry (video 18 of 18)

  1. would it make it …
    would it make it better if the camera was on the gun so it could follow the target? in a bigger area?

  2. you shou;d make it …
    you shou;d make it when you hit the target that it? shuts down like in games where the the gun aims down or what ever and when you turn it on it aims up and goes side to side like in a game

  3. Put the sentry on a …
    Put the sentry on a rc car;) lol but good work man i wish i had that laying around in my garage?

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