15 thoughts on “Arduino Pong

  1. Hey? guys! Update …
    Hey? guys! Update your Arduino software to get it working! 😀

  2. What is the version …
    What is the version of TVout library and where I can? download?

  3. it’s no problem, …
    it’s no problem, needs to attach second potentiometer to any? free analog input and change 16. line in source code (follow link in description)

  4. oke
    i will do it

    i will do it
    but? will you make it so the ball will reset instead of just bounch off the wall

  5. sure
    but will you …

    but will you do me one fafor
    and rewrite the code to reste the ball when it hits the edge
    it is not normal it keeps on movine after? it hits the point edge (that is why i dont use it yet)

  6. If you get some …
    If you get some sort of sound working, make sure to create a video and post as a video-reply to this video.? I’d love to see the results!!

  7. could you add sound …
    could you add sound
    so i can finish my game consol
    w8? i do it myself

  8. I used the code and …
    I used the code and everything like you said. The TV Out code and the code on the site. I get the start up menu fine on my TV, but when I go to push the button on the bread board, instead of starting the game the menu starts up again. I’m pretty sure it can’t be incorrectly connected hardware, because if that was the case it probably would’t show on the TV. It has to be something wrong with the code. Any solutions? or ideas?

  9. It appears to be …
    It appears to be having some problems. On my computers, the audio seems to be a second or two ahead of the video. I recorded this on my iPhone, so it’s? not the greatest quality. I will maybe re-upload later today now that the project has been featured on Make and is getting a bit more attention. 🙂

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