Honda Unveils New Robotics-powered Scooter

Honda has unveiled a new personal scooter, powered by robotics, that’ll be on display and being tested at Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation over the next ten months. (May 16)

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24 thoughts on “Honda Unveils New Robotics-powered Scooter

  1. I would like my …
    I would like my chair to have that feature to move around the? office

  2. I just got lazier.. …
    I just got lazier…Put a hole in? it and you could have a potty too.

  3. This is some …
    This is some bullshit, man. We’re losing our humanity to all this technology. There’s a huge problem when we can’t? even walk on our own.

  4. @ 0:19 I thought …
    @ 0:19 I thought that was? Aperture Science Logo on the scooter

  5. They need to think …
    They need to think big and make? the lazyboy version with gps and point to point hands free navigation..

  6. What a great …
    What a great invention from the Japanese? people like every other great idea from Japan and Germany!

  7. Im sorry…But …
    Im sorry…But Really!? What a Stupid Invention!! If it hits a bump, down goes the rider, and UP go the lawsuits!?

  8. That’s really what …
    That’s really what we need in the united? states less people walking

  9. With? some …
    With? some brilliant exceptions; Japanese engineers, in general, are far better at INNOVATION than at INVENTION!

  10. In Japan the Segway …
    In Japan the Segway has been ruled illegal to be used on sidewalks.
    What are the chances for this? to be approved?

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