Princess the miniature dachshund puppy vs toy robot dog

This is Princess, a purebred silver dapple miniature dachshund, at 9 months of age. This video was taken in late 2005. Princess has unusual colouring and has different coloured eyes, one blue and one brown. Her father is a silver dapple and her mother a red.

Duration : 0:0:36

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13 thoughts on “Princess the miniature dachshund puppy vs toy robot dog

  1. you should stop …
    you should stop telling him no.If you tell him no.Why did you make the video of her barking?You knew she was gonna bark.Oh,i guess you don’t want her to bark at all.But,nice video

  2. i agree. you turn …
    i agree. you turn on that toy and provoke the dog- and then tell him not to bark?? well you must know nothing about living beings..

  3. lol so cute! my …
    lol so cute! my family has a long-haired dachshund puppy and shes just as crazy and a loud barker too ^-^

  4. you trying to …
    you trying to correct her barking is only seen by the dog as your weak attempt at joining in on the barking. so really you are just encouraging the dog to keep barking.

  5. If you shout NO! at …
    If you shout NO! at her you are barking back at her so she’s not gonna stop!

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