Arduino Robotic Arm

This has been what I have been working on for a while. I took this to the international science fair in Pittsburgh where I took second in the world in engineering. I just finished my Sophomore year in high school and am already working on the next prototype.

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Duration : 0:6:25

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25 thoughts on “Arduino Robotic Arm

  1. Hello, nice job!

    Hello, nice job!
    One thing you want to consider when targeting prosthetic arms is that they should be able to “lock”. This means that once you move to a give position, the? arm should be able to lift a weight.
    Imagine bending your elbow and having a bag in your hand.
    If you remove tension from the elbow engine, the bag should not fall on the ground. This is normally achieved using a mechanical transmission with non reversible movement.

  2. I’m super ignorant …
    I’m super ignorant in? the matter. It looks intricately fascintaing.

  3. Awesome! What do? …
    Awesome! What do? your friends say when they walk in your room and a giant robotic arm is hanging in the middle of all of it?

  4. This is pretty cool …
    This is pretty cool! I’m pretty? into robtotics, but I’m only just starting out. Could you PM me some place to learn how to use potentiometers?

  5. Niceee! I built one …
    Niceee! I built one of those DC motor servos the other week using a hacked windscreenwiper motor. Very good idea! Must of taken a while to program!?

  6. Hi.
    What kind of …

    What kind of plastic ist this you use in your project (white plastic, hardening in water… as fas as i understood). Where can i? get this.
    Thanks for response
    Peter… Germany

  7. love this almost? …
    love this almost? as much as your motivation!
    I wonder if you could add some blocking mechanism to easy up on those dc motors

  8. is there a reason …
    is there a reason you used dc motors to basically make a servo Vs. just buying a large? servo?

  9. Sounds good to me, …
    Sounds good to me, I’m actually trying to convince myself to make an arm, robots have always fascinated me since I was a kid… but I’ve never acted on it. I think why I never have done it, is I’ve never really had a use for a robot. Not that your arm isn’t cool, but it’s kind of useless you know what I mean… I rather have it working for me…I think i’ve always looked at robots as? a tool to do something productive. But like anything, I guess it would be a fun hobby 🙂

  10. I was looking at …
    I was looking at some of your videos and your pretty good with machining! I? might need to take you up on some future parts.

  11. I am already …
    I am already working on my second one haha. I went with the arduino just to keep everything on the same language and I had a few laying around. The elbow motor is? actually from a windshield wiper but to use a DC for actuation for the fingers would be difficult to get precise movements consistently.

  12. Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much for the info on robotmarketplace! That place looks great it has the motors and sprockets everything I? need to complete my solar tracker! Thanks!

  13. that is a really …
    that is a really cool project. have you thought about using air muscles set up in a? circular flow system instead of motors. I only ask because your current system looks kind of heavy.

  14. Congratulations on …
    Congratulations on second place! Very, very cool! Shoulder motors are a bit buzzy, though. ?

  15. Any reason why you …
    Any reason why you didn’t use an off the shelf servo controller? , such as lynxmotion ssc 32 , or a parallax BASIC Stamp ?. Also have you thought of using standard ‘windscreen wiper motors’ for use as heavy duty servos, as a low cost alternative. I also like designing and building Humanoid Robots and have so far managed to use Standard servos for all of the joints ( but up to 3 per joint) Obviously you will now have to build the second arm , its never as much fun doing everything twice!

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