HexBugs Nano, HexBugs Inchworm robot toy review

http://gear.lv/ziwJtb – We give you a look at three different types of HexBugs in this episode. HexBugs are robotic creatures, similar to insects, that crawl around. Batteries are included, so you just open them up and turn them on, and as you can see, they will start crawling around right away. The HexBug Inchworm is radio-controlled.

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Duration : 0:5:23

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7 thoughts on “HexBugs Nano, HexBugs Inchworm robot toy review

  1. the hexbug original …
    the hexbug original also responds to sounds (yelling, clapping) and if the wires on it touch anything ? then it will back up into a diffrent direction because it knows there is a object there.

  2. I worked at Toys R …
    I worked at Toys R Us and we got them they’re.? They’re not exclusively to Radio Shack.

  3. Wait? a minute! I …
    Wait? a minute! I get what you’re saying…That’s naughty!

  4. Vibrate? Made of? …
    Vibrate? Made of? rubber? Sounds interesting.
    Thanks for the upload.

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