Flying Robots that Play the ‘James Bond Theme’

They glide like mechanical hummingbirds or alien drones but scientists see their applications as endless. At this year’s TED 2012 conference, the University of Pennsylvania’s flying robots performed the James Bond theme.

Duration : 0:2:58

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4 thoughts on “Flying Robots that Play the ‘James Bond Theme’

  1. what I’d? those …
    what I’d? those flying robotics fly onto your arm accidently, would it cut the arm badly?

  2. o sh*t, this type …
    o sh*t, this type of stuff pens HUGE door for technology
    a ‘helping’ hand
    street advertisement for other business (mobile posters)
    sure theres definitly entertainment? value, but theres far more then just playing songs, it’s only the first step
    i just wonder wth they use for their motors and power generation, a laptop battery?

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