Burning fuses for the AVR and burning arduino bootloader

*My Bootloader file, as shown in the video
*The programmer
*Fuse Calculator
*AVRDude Tutorial

Duration : 0:9:51

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13 thoughts on “Burning fuses for the AVR and burning arduino bootloader

  1. THANK YOU! found …
    THANK YOU! found out i had a bad chip after replaced? it and followed your steps it worked!

  2. This video alone …
    This video alone didn’t help me but in addition to this tutorial, I? was golden:


  3. Hey my friend …
    Hey my friend thanks a lot, you have answered a lot of doubts with? your vids. Thanks a lot!!! Greetings from PR.

  4. Thanks, I …
    Thanks, I appreciate it. I’m not too familiar with that programmer, but I do know you check communication, but you need a chip hooked up. I can’t remember how, but? it’s an AVR dude command. You could probably google it. I leave another comment if I find it

  5. Kevin , how would I …
    Kevin , how would I know if my USBASP programmer is actually connected to avrdude ..is there any way to confirm.
    thanks buddy ..your tutorials are first class ….better than anything i have? seen.

  6. Thank you for you …
    Thank you for you video tutorial man. Thank you for the effort on making this so some electronics geeks like us don’t get all confused with the? reading. Thank you a Lot!

    Greetings from Chihuahua Mexico!

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