My Alien Robot Bucky Motor (SAVE BUCKYBALLS, ACT NOW) to help!

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Hi, heres my Robot Alien Bucky Motor. I am using Buckyballs and BuckyCUBES, my Buckybox, and my new alien light up motor coil. I made a simple synth track to go with the video using the ipad app Sunrizer, preset : 1 Notch Pad. I hope you like it and thanks for watching.

Duration : 0:1:47

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13 thoughts on “My Alien Robot Bucky Motor (SAVE BUCKYBALLS, ACT NOW) to help!

  1. Oooook 😀 This …
    Oooook 😀 This sounds very complicated to me, but many thanks for explanation! :)?

  2. Hi GalaxyTraveler, …
    Hi GalaxyTraveler, I made a coil with enameled copper wire and fastened it to a two-piece copper pipe, stuck together with a plastic tube, so the pipes dont touch. i then got 10 3mm leds, red and green and solidered them together. i then attached the leds to the coil and soldiered it all to the copper pipe either side. i then coated the coil and leds with FIMO, its an oven hardening? clay. i painted it then attached a strip of tape along the bottom half of the pipe and, hey presto, it works. cool

  3. Great stuff!? What …
    Great stuff!? What exactly is the secret behind you “alien egg”? How is it made, how does it light upt?

  4. i sure did , wonder …
    i sure did , wonder how fast it is going , under the music when you? can hear the sound of it it actually sounds similar to a HDD possibly slightly slower , a hdd is 7200 rpm , ill have a? stab in the dark and say 5500-6000 rpm

  5. what is that big …
    what is that big bowly thing that the? lights are on,and btw your work is epic

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