Robotic Surgery On Good Day New York

Dr. David Samadi discusses the benefits of robotic-assisted prostate cancer surgery on Good Day New York. Also referred to as a robotic prostatectomy, the surgery treats prostate cancer by removing the prostate from the patient’s body. Advancements in robotics technology have allowed for this to be done with major benefits over traditional open and laparoscopic treatment options, including shorter operation times, shorter hospital stays, minimal blood loss, and less risk to the delicate nerves around the prostate that control continence and sexual function.

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12 thoughts on “Robotic Surgery On Good Day New York

  1. Dr. Samadi has done …
    Dr. Samadi has done this surgery on me at Mt. Sinai, He is an awesome surgeon. His passion was so reassuring while I was going through this. I was diagnosed when I was 45 years old. My brother was diagnosed in 2005 and passed away in 2009. I am in a Broadway show with lots of lifting, dancing and singing. I was back to work in two months working my way back to full recovery. Thanks Dr.? Samadi.

  2. Dr. Samadi just did …
    Dr. Samadi just did my husband’s surgery. Within five days my husband was feeling great, with “no pain” (never did need the pain meds prescribed). It’s now a week after surgery, the catheter’s? out, he feels terrific and continence is quite good. Amazing, what a testament to Dr. Samadi’s skill. On top of that Dr. Samadi cares deeply about his patients and makes you feel that your welfare – physical and emotional – is the most important thing in the world.

  3. Dr. Samadi did my …
    Dr. Samadi did my surgery three years ago. He is fantastic, a kind and caring doctor, and my life has been just fine ever since, no side effects from the operation, no more cancer. And I would ditto what? @guitariff1 said about his generosity. Two of my friends went to him also and are fine. Highest recommendation.

  4. and those …
    and those testimonials aren’t questionable. I was one and was treated with disdain because I was celebrating the success of my procedure. Those that question these testimonials are bitter people who unfortunately are dealing with very advanced? cases and cannot rejoice in the success of others. It’s a shame because we all suffer from the same disease.

  5. @guitariff1

    My …

    My insurance wasn’t covered by Samadi’s practice. I wanted him and nobody else because of his reputation and success rate. He was very kind and billed me substantially less than that. I wasn’t an ATM sign to him, I? was a person scared to death. He told me he would take care of me. Surgery went wonderfully and I didn’t suffer any incontinence or ED issues post surgery. I did well because of my age, fitness, and because of his skill. He’s the best.

  6. Dr. Samadi is not …
    Dr. Samadi is not only one of the best , he is the best in his field. He performs all surgeries from begining to end. His operating team has been the same for the past 8yrs.? The outcomes of his operations has been superb, that’s why he is the best !!!!!!

  7. Same team, same …
    Same team, same surgeon, one surgery at a time is what goes on at Mount Sinai with Dr. Samadi, He does not believe in running two or three rooms that is what makes him unique, he is using his open surgical skills, applies his laparoscopic experience and has done well over 3300 robotic surgeries with no complications. I would? advise you to do a better research on his work

  8. actually Dr Samadi …
    actually Dr Samadi performed robotic prostate? surgery before Dr. Menon in 2001(fyi). He was performing laparoscopic prostate surgery when Dr. Menon was watching him operate, The testimonials are all real and I would spend less negative energy and try to be more positive. The quality of surgery is absolutely the signature of the operating room at Mount Sinai, probably one of the only operating rooms in U.S. where the surgeon performs the entire surgery, not like other places.

  9. Might be wonderful, …
    Might be wonderful, but question everything, Dr. Menon was first? LRRP doc in the USA in 2002 (fyi). There is a lot of self promoting websites found and on some forums have seen highly questionable testimonials, a few were rejected by the moderators as advertising….questionable if they were real. Figure this is worth $25-40K per patient….speed and quantity are naturally wonderful on the docs end.

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