BattroBorg Battling Robots from Takara Tomy

BattroBorg battling robots, the latest entry in the Omnibot robot series, were unveiled by Takara Tomy at the Tokyo International Toy Show. The fighting robot toys feature individual wireless remote controls and LEDs that display a series of colors from green to red as the opponent lands punches on the robots jaw. For more details visit Robots Dreams at

Duration : 0:1:38

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13 thoughts on “BattroBorg Battling Robots from Takara Tomy

  1. Looks like the …
    Looks like the wheels are pasive, no reverse, forward motion is by the? punches. Low cost design.

  2. Haha omg these look …
    Haha omg these look so cool! Usually? when I think of affordable fighting robots I think they’ll be pretty lame but man!

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