Arduino Powered Tree-Climbing Robot

This is a robot I built which is designed to climb trees. It is controlled by an Arduino Uno microcontroller, but I built the rest of the electronics and hardware from scratch.

Duration : 0:2:0

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14 thoughts on “Arduino Powered Tree-Climbing Robot

  1. Just a suggestion, …
    Just a suggestion, i saw you were a bit worried about it falling down… instead of trying to catch it, and possibly injuring yourself if? theres sharp things on it, attach a piece of string to the top if its possible and guide it from there…

  2. Right? on man.
    Keep …

    Right? on man.
    Keep exploring the possibilities.
    Challenge that mind.

  3. cool? but it isnt …
    cool? but it isnt gonna fall down and if it does you arent gonna catch it

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