Augmented Reality EZ-Robots at Telus Spark

EZ-Robot was invited to present at Telus Spark’s Adult Only night. This is a video summary of the evening. We brought a few robots to the event – Semi Autonomous AR Parrot Drone, Augmented Reality Wall-e, Omnibot 2000, and the hacked Brookstone Rover.

We made many new friends this evening! It was a fantastic event and we’re looking forward to plenty more with Telus Spark!

Duration : 0:2:24

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3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality EZ-Robots at Telus Spark

  1. It is entirely …
    It is entirely applicable. The software overlays colors, objects, motion and glyphs? of areas that you view. Thank you and take care 🙂

  2. good? work, but ‘ …
    good? work, but ‘augmented reality’ term is hardly applicable here.

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