Arduino powered useless machine.

This is my useless machine that I made. It is powered by an Arduino microcontroller, with 1 switch, 2 servos, 2 buttons and an ultrasound proximity sensor.

Duration : 0:0:59

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16 thoughts on “Arduino powered useless machine.

  1. if you paint the …
    if you paint the glass and make the wood like a hand or something it will be even better ?

  2. LMAO.. I’m sitting …
    LMAO.. I’m sitting here smiling.. that’s too cool? man, nice work!!

  3. It’s a cool build. …
    It’s a cool build. This should be called “the shy? arduino”.

  4. I would use this …
    I would use this useless machine to proof that it can be? used 🙂

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