Sandia Hand

Sandia National Laboratories has developed a cost-effective robotic hand that can be used in disarming improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

The Sandia Hand addresses challenges that have prevented widespread adoption of other robotic hands, such as cost, durability, dexterity, and modularity.

SAND 2012-6682P

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15 thoughts on “Sandia Hand

  1. What’s the problem …
    What’s the problem with the 4th finger?And why are only 4 fingers?The hand is independent or it has to be connected at the? robot arm?

  2. now? if only they …
    now? if only they could figure out a way to attach that to some poor with no arm.

  3. That “booth babe” …
    That “booth babe” probably has a doctorate degree. A little respect if you please. If it was a face blur,? then someone massively failed there. It was most likely to protect information on the board.:)

  4. No, the “DJ” was at …
    No, the “DJ” was at a console for manually controlling the hand
    and its fingers. This invention is awesome to use an overused
    word. Imaging the uses. People who have lost a arm or a hand
    may be able to have this device attached and they could control
    it from their own brain just as if it were a flesh and blood hand/arm.
    Considering how crude the first “arm/hand” combinations were
    even as little as 20 years ago this is breathtaking. Congrats Sandia!?

  5. When the booth …
    When the booth babe? puts her head beyond the post her face goes blurry. I figured either that was to protecter her identity or the top secret information written on the board behind her. What was written on the board there 2:33? Plans for World Robot Domination? Yeah, I’m on to you. You wont get away with it.

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