Steam Powered Giraffe: Musical Robot Contest!

Contest deadline: July 20th 2012
Please submit your videos to by July 20th 2012.

Steam Powered Giraffe:
Musical Robot Contest

People tell us all the time that we’re “talented” because of what we do, but we think that there are other super talented people out there who can also do what we do.
So we’ve decided to have a little contest! We want you to show us how talented you are at doing what we do.
We want you to send us a video of you being a robot while singing and playing an instrument.
Simple enough right?

Well’p here are the rules for this contest.

1. Film yourself playing and singing your favorite song (it doesn’t matter what song, it can be a SPG song, or it can anything you’d like)
2. Do robotic-like movements while playing and singing said song.
3. Instrument used must be either a guitar (acoustic or electric), bass (acoustic or electric), mandolin, ukelele, piano, accordion, violin, or cello (no other exceptions).
4. Only one person in the video.
5. Makeup is a must. Costumes optional.

Upload your submissions to YouTube, and send the link to your video to:
with the subject line: Musical Robot Contest by July 20th 2012.

Make sure to include your name, email address, phone number (in case you win), age, and what city, state, and country you hail from.
Then go ahead and post your video on Tumblr as well and include the tag “SPGCONTEST”.

The winner will receive a personal sixty (60) minute phone call from one of the robots, four (4) tickets to the San Diego Zoo, a limited edition 2-Cent Show Button, a 11 x 17 signed SPG poster, a congratulatory email, and an original piece of art by Steam Powered Giraffe.

Ten (10) runner-ups will receive a limited edition 2-Cent Show Button, a signed 8 1/2 by 11 SPG mini-poster, and a congratulatory email.

Good luck!

Duration : 0:3:9

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24 thoughts on “Steam Powered Giraffe: Musical Robot Contest!

  1. I’m still raging? …
    I’m still raging? that I couldn’t do this contest. But I will do this, whether or not I win anything.

  2. Dear Spine , Me? …
    Dear Spine , Me? and My Cousins have Almost Perfected ‘ Automatonic Electronic Harmonics ‘ .I Sing , But cant play Guitar or Bass , We Might do Send you a Video of us Preforming it for the Fun , But please get back to me , if this Comment Appeals to you. Thanks 🙂
    – PipeMan

  3. I was introduced to …
    I was introduced to this band literally the day after the? cutoff for this contest. SO BUMMED! D:
    Ah well, I hope there’s another sometime in the future. I’ll be on it!

  4. I wish I had? seen …
    I wish I had? seen this before the deadline. I would’ve won. =P Lol

  5. Bwueeeeh D8 I can’t …
    Bwueeeeh D8 I can’t play an instrument otherwise I’d so? do this. DX

  6. To? anyone curious, …
    To? anyone curious, they said the results will be posted in a few weeks.

  7. No no no, The Spine …
    No no no, The Spine is dressed up as David to mess with you! The? Spine is a real robot!

  8. I would have …
    I would have entered, but I only play wind instruments… Plus the contest? entries were due the 20th

  9. Wait wait wait… …
    Wait wait wait…what do you? mean by “play the spine”? The spine is not a…real…robot…no ç-ç?

  10. whatt about a Viola …
    whatt about a Viola?? It’s like a Violin but Bigger. Played the same way and? everything

  11. I would have …
    I would have entered, but I’m only really good at playing guitar. Not so much being a robot. Guess? I’m stuck being human.

    Contrary …

    Contrary to what you think, you actually cannot simultaneously play the violin and sing! Trust me, I’ve tried. Went over about as well as an android in the ocean.?

  13. I’m so sad… I …
    I’m so sad… I just discovered SPGs brilliance, just a couple of days? after the final contest day. Fate, thou art a cruel mistress!

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