BattleBots Fighting Robots Takara Tomy Tokyo Toy Show

Join us at BattleBots aka Battroborg by Takara Tomy of Japan, seen at the Tokyo Toy Show June 2012.

These are remote controlled, rechargeable fighting robot toys.

Featuring child reporter Alex!

There It Is:
Movement Proposition:

Duration : 0:3:30

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15 thoughts on “BattleBots Fighting Robots Takara Tomy Tokyo Toy Show

  1. Japan has all the …
    Japan has all the cool stuff every boy dreams about…? I’m moving to Japan!

  2. Takara Tomy used to …
    Takara Tomy used to be BEYBLADE BEASTS, but now they? are ROBOT RUMBLERS.

  3. man? I want these, …
    man? I want these, their controls remind me of a Wii remote with the attachment, but anyhow, these guys look awesome, cant wait to get my own

  4. They told me these …
    They told me these Battlebots are planned for US release, but not this? year.

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