Making Drunk Robot Out Of Junks

This is a funny little robot I made out of some junk HDD and CD-ROM Drives I had at home.
I wanted to add some gunshots effects, but my software could not add what I wanted, it messed-up
Everything. Still hoping to learn Adobe products to add any effect I want to 🙂
Hope you enjoy this little project.
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Duration : 0:2:26

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25 thoughts on “Making Drunk Robot Out Of Junks

  1. ???????, “??????”!! …
    ???????, “??????”!! ))
    ? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ??????????, ?? ???, ??? ? ?????????? ?????,? ???? ??? ?????)))

  2. yea that is too …
    yea that is too repeated cause i had no card to buy more music that time,
    next? projects wouldn’t bother you with music don’t worry, i try to explain rather than music.

  3. o.O look at the? …
    o.O look at the? spikes on his feet please dont make a shrink ray with a reverse buton

  4. yea i like it too, …
    yea i like it too, that was the first thing i bought for making? videos after buying my video camera.


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