3WD 100mm omni wheel arduino robot kits C003

This three omni wheel robotics car is well suited for surveillance and transportation, but mostly it is designed for researchers and students. It can move in any direction by changing the velocity and direction of each wheel without changing orientation. It comes with Arduino microcontroller and 3 Omni-directional wheels which driven by 3 DC motor with encoders, allowing rotation and movement in any direction simultaneously. The integrated infrared and Ultrasonic sensors allow this robot to track and chase objects. It includes a microcontroller, IO expansion and DC motors with encoders. Its aluminum alloy body and pre-drilled hole for screws make it convenient for you to add components as you like.

Three wheel drive
Aluminum alloy body
Omni wheel
Easy to assemble
DC motors with encoders
Easily expandable with pre-drilled holes

Length: 330mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 108mm
Net Weight: 3.5kg
Wheel Diameter: 100mm
Wheel Thickness: 38mm
Wheel Material: Polyurethane
Wheelbase: 275mm
Chassis Material: Aluminum
Color: Yellow
Speed: 0.6m/s
Climbing Capacity: 20 degree incline
Load Capacity: 15kg
Controller: Arduino ATMega328P, IO Expansion Board
Mni-ITX Compatible: No

Parts Included:
3 100mm Plastic Omni Wheel
3 Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motors
Arduino 328 Controller
Arduino IO Expansion
3 Ultrasonic Range Finders
12V Ni-Mh Battery
12V Charger

For more information please visit: http://www.microrobo.com/3wd-triangular-100mm-omni-wheel-mobile-robotics-car-c003.html

Duration : 0:0:23

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