walking robot test 1

this is my new homemade robot, SC-QR-1!
it’s just a simple test! he is also showing you how happy he is!
it’s a movement-test
i hope you like it! =3
thanks for danation from www.fornamagic.com

Duration : 0:5:22

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25 thoughts on “walking robot test 1

  1. It’s? cool!!, I too …
    It’s? cool!!, I too like the subject of robotics, you can see on my channel.

  2. cool i make a lot …
    cool i make a lot of? robots my self. but i dont have one that walks. well my ferst one gear bot (i call it that cuz it has like 50 gears on it lol) that like has to arms that pulls its self but nothing like that good work 😀

  3. Nice design, clean …
    Nice design, clean,? almost elegant 😉
    But it really needs rubber feet to walk on that kind of surface.

  4. oh, but how come my …
    oh, but how come my arduino can’t handle even 2 servos simultaneously? without external power supply? the problem of arduino itself maybe..?

  5. no i used same powe …
    no i used same powe supply for both the picaxe and servos? at 5 volts (even though the servos are supposed to run at 6 volts)

  6. ok? hey tnx :D… i …
    ok? hey tnx :D… i will try to made a robot by myself …. have a nice day and keep it up the good work 🙂

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