ABB Robotics – Painting Car Bodies

ABB prides itself on being a leading expert in robot-based paint applications & develops specialised painting robots as well as a full range of spraying equipment in order to obtain optimum result and overall quality of paint finish. Our objective is to
reduce overall production cost by helping manufacturers to reduce both paint consumption, size of paint booth, emisions and the amount of automation employed.

Our process expertise with air spray, rotary bell and Metabell™ atomizers, results in superior class “A” finish quality, minimized film builds, uniform color match and more consistent performance. For more information visit

Duration : 0:1:52

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4 thoughts on “ABB Robotics – Painting Car Bodies

  1. @jcng5 Its not …
    @jcng5 Its not really safe for people to work in this environment. The robots are helping to get people out of harm’s way? and into more fulfiling roles.

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