Pyxis OS for the Arduino

This is the first phase of a graphic OS I’m developing for the Arduino. Current features are listed on the video. The next phase will include native BMP support of 32 & 24bpp depths (no indexing, sorry) up to 320×240 (larger will be cropped). The third phase you ask? Custom code execution from the uSD card. Pyxis currently runs on a 328 chip & the Liquidware TouchShield Slide

Duration : 0:2:26

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14 thoughts on “Pyxis OS for the Arduino

  1. That particular …
    That particular version is? a Arduino Duemilinova, 2x extender, TouchShield slide, input shield (all from Liquidware) and a custom uSD interface based of a Sparkfun module.

  2. Hi I recently …
    Hi I recently bought? a great serial LCD with touch controller called SMARTGPU from vizic technologies, and it’s just 3 wire interface, microSD-4GB, could be? used as shield or on a standard breadboard, very powerfull graphics, You can create advanced applications very very easy, check my video response! tab “SMARTGPU arduino ipod like”

  3. This was just …
    This was just initial work. Look on at the rest of the videos. Pyxis now has it’s? own virtual CPU w/ custom compiler that allows you to run apps.

  4. Good Job.
    But I …

    Good Job.
    But I think some of the people that comment this video miss the difference between a “shell” and an “operating system”. What we see on this video is more a shell than a real operating system, although it has some of its characteristics. But the ability to launch custom will change that.
    Having some experience of both shell and OS developement, I know how difficule all this is. Congrats for the job you did, it’s something that missed? to the arduino universe: a open source OS.

  5. Adam,

    Yes the …

    Yes the source is planned for release once it’s in a finished state. Right now it’s pretty buggy? and severely lacking in features. But as I make updates I make stable releases, possibly on a per application basis.

  6. Any? plans on …
    Any? plans on releasing the source? This seems like something that would get me back into the Arduino…

    Good work! This looks amazing!


  7. Can’t wait to see …
    Can’t wait to see the blog! I’ll do my best to have an updated video up this weekend to show off the system’s new tricks.?

  8. oh wow, this is …
    oh wow, this is ridiculous! very impressive programming skills, … that is seriously cool. i’m going to blog about it this weekend if that’s ok with you??

  9. Thanks mikorf! Keep …
    Thanks mikorf! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one. I’ve already increased? speed 20X and I’m just working out some timing issues on the BMPs

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