ERIC – Embedded Robotic Interactive Canine aka RoboDog

A video showcasing ERIC, the robot I made for my masters thesis. He took two years to make and is controlled my two mbed microcontrollers.He has a camera in his mouth that he uses to find the ball (his favourite toy!) and can be set to guard an object. He is controlled by verbal commands that can be spoken by anyone.

Duration : 0:3:26

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13 thoughts on “ERIC – Embedded Robotic Interactive Canine aka RoboDog

  1. this robot dog …
    this robot dog certainly looks far better than that live action CGI K-9 that flies from the? spin-off show from Doctor Who ! Im waiting to when this version not only is more stable with sensory feedback to run, but can pick up that ball in his mouth 😉 ERIC…FETCH ! *Bow rorr rorrer* LOooL

  2. Hi, Thanks for the …
    Hi, Thanks for the comment. Yes I was playing it safe with the walking gait. I realise that the walking could be a bit more polished (and quicker) but the servos are a limiting factor (I need more powerful ones). Also it would be useful to lower the COG and built in some kind of sensory feedback as ERIC has no idea how stable he is at any moment in time!?

  3. Saw this on? HaD, …
    Saw this on? HaD, have to say this is excellent work from one person, you have a bright future ahead of you 🙂

    I realise you were building this on a tight budget, but perhaps v2 could include a third mbed with a 9DoF sensor? This would permit accurate measurement and processing of Erics movements, allowing movement speed and accuracy to be greatly increased.

    He’s (seemingly) playing it safe with balance vs motion, moving in a very inorganic manner. Maybe one day with a 9DoF he could run 😉

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