Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone

“Spatially Targeted Communication and Self-Assembly,” by Nithin Mathews, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Rehan O’Grady, and Marco Dorigo, from Universite Libre de Bruxelles and Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, was presented at IROS 2012 in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Duration : 0:3:1

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14 thoughts on “Swarm Robots Cooperate with AR Drone

  1. They have? a lot of …
    They have? a lot of electronics and not a lot of engine power, so they can’t go very fast. Larger scale implementations won’t have this kind of limitation.

  2. U.S? Military: So.. …
    U.S? Military: So… the flying thingies are our military drones and the little fellas down there are our tanks? yea!, I buy!.

  3. Very large portion? …
    Very large portion? of Cash put into the research of advanced robots. Outcome? “Hey Hal, get me a beer.” lol

  4. Old CRT? television …
    Old CRT? television + high end swarm robots => Phd student’s living room

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