Lego Creations- Simple Evil Robot Drones (SERD)

Tired of worthess, and useless henchmen or minions? You need a powerful, useful army to rule the world? Well then let me introduce these very simple, evil robot drones… Oh-oh-oh! Wait! I have an idea! Simple Evil Robot Drones! Call ’em SERDs! Very simple to build. If you had some Bionicle or Technic parts, you can build an army of the -possibly- most simple lego robots.

Good Luck and enjoy the destruction!

Duration : 0:1:3

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2 thoughts on “Lego Creations- Simple Evil Robot Drones (SERD)

  1. Aaaaa infact they …
    Aaaaa infact they gonna be in a random time lord day… I just wanted to introduce ’em.?

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