The Mobile Robot – “Little Helper” –

This is a video of a cutting edge development project – concerning a flexible, versatile and intelligent mobile robot.

Duration : 0:2:15

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2 thoughts on “The Mobile Robot – “Little Helper” –

  1. That is just point …
    That is just point – spot on! You are able to replace numerous stationary robot cells, which – e.g. – is of great interest for small companies. This also means, that the pay-back-time is short…

  2. That is smart. …
    That is smart. Would be very handy in small production environments to handle more than just one task. Normally you would mount the robot to the floor or a table and then it would just stay there and do one single task. With this you would be able move the robot around your production facility and thereby increase the up-time of the robot.

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