Homemade Robotic Arm

This video shows some footage of a robotic arm I built some time ago. All components are homemade. Most parts were extracted from old analog camcorders: Geared motors, gears and connectors.

Duration : 0:1:31

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7 thoughts on “Homemade Robotic Arm

  1. Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much! Share it with your friends if you like it!
    Most parts were recycled from old analog camcorders, so I? didn’t pay anything at all. I had to buy some hotglue though

  2. This is bloody …
    This is bloody brilliant! Your videos are great and subscribed! Plus, how much did this cost you to make??

  3. Thanks? man! I see …
    Thanks? man! I see you’re a filmmaker yourself! Keep up the work! Please share the videos with your friends, it helps a lot!

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