Data Robotics Drobo

Fully automated storage you don’t have to manage.

Chances are, you get passionate about creating or collecting digital content, not about managing the storage where it lives. For you we’ve created Drobo, the first robotic storage device that takes the pain out of keeping your content safe.
Drobo guards everything on it.
Drobo combines up to four hard drives into a big pool of protected storage. Start with two, grow to four, then upsize smaller drives-get Terabytes of protection.
Drobo upgrades capacity on-the-fly.
Add drives to Drobo at any time. Mix ‘n match capacities, brands or speeds. No downtime, data migration, or waiting to access new capacity. Drobo works the way you do.
Drobo lets you “pay as you grow”
Hard drives get bigger and cheaper all the time. Don’t buy storage capacity until you need it. Buy capacity “just-in-time” possibly saving you hundreds of dollars.
Drobo manages storage, so you don’t have to
Just connect Drobo to your Mac or PC. No software required. No RAID levels. No management or configuration. Drobo does everything for you.
Get rid of multiple external drives. Avoid the complexity of RAID. Attach a Drobo storage robot to your system and let it manage your storage so you don’t have to.

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24 thoughts on “Data Robotics Drobo

  1. this is really kewl …
    this is really kewl.. but even though it may be around 500 bucks… if u buy new HDDs there about 100 bucks(for a 500 sata drive…in tornto atleast..) so its quite pricy.. however wat it does is really cool.. soo intense.. took a while to understand..wat it may need as a v2/v3 is like.. portable ones.. and more storage drobos.. overal.. 4.5stars…and that i wish i had one..

  2. Pretty good for …
    Pretty good for small businesses, I wouldn’t mind picking one of these up, im pretty sure in the future they will have bigger drobos like mini towers or something lol, just to add more hard drives.

  3. Its a nice looking …
    Its a nice looking product that has useful features. However, I wish it could hold atleast ten harddrives. And what would be very impressive is if you could take out every single one of the four drives, while they contain lots of files, and the actual drobo could have a backup copy in it. Anyone with first hand knowledge have any input on that?

  4. If that is true, I …
    If that is true, I would seriously preorder it, even though I don’t have a *server* with sata support.. I’d get one 🙂

  5. Very nice unit, …
    Very nice unit,would love one for home use but price is always a factor,if a affordable unti for home use could be produced Im sure it could be a huge hit.

  6. Finally, a storage …
    Finally, a storage system I am actually excited about! I don’t care that it’s only USB 2.0 (currently). Not everything has to be accessed at 150/300 SATA speed. The things which do need the speed (like VMs) can reside on the system disk which gets backed up to the Drobo anyway. Everything else is already on the Drobo. I get mine on Monday!!! 🙂

  7. Leo mentioned this …
    Leo mentioned this video on DGW 332. He said millions of people watched it, this is the only one on youtube, so I dont know what he means.

  8. using a router with …
    using a router with a usb2 port supposedly works too, but i’m waiting until it can replace my nas

  9. This does look cool …
    This does look cool but the USB thing is a deal killer for me. I’m waiting for the Ethernet and/or Firewire? versions. Then it will be very cool!

  10. It was mentioned is …
    It was mentioned is passing at the end of episode 100, about the smart promotional practices of Data Robotics.

  11. I have a pile of …
    I have a pile of drives but would have to sell them to afford it, would be nice if it was Ether too!

  12. This thing is going …
    This thing is going to save my life!

    Do you have any plans in the future for a model with USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 or 800?

  13. Ok, I listened to …
    Ok, I listened to the latest TWIT. They did not mention this video. But, It is the only one on youtube about DROBO.

  14. i came here from …
    i came here from listening to TWIT. heard the price also, this product looks like a MUST have for my purposes. im just amazed, is there no softeware that can do this yet?

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