Arduino Robot Kit

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Check out this new product from MINDS-i Robotics. The 2-in-1 Arduino Kit. Featuring the Hexabot, a six legged crawler robot that uses a cam to walk about and touch sensors to avoid objects. The Line follower uses a QTI or light sensors that will follow a line. If you are new to robotics this is a great place to start The kits are all made out of the same basic pieces, with helpful step by step instructions. The MINDS-i platform consists of simple beams and connectors that lock together to make a durable chassis. Also included in this kit is a helpful Arduino User guide that teaches the basic use and programming language of Arduino for the various sensor used with MINDS-i.

What can you build?

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  1. This is Cameron …
    This is Cameron From the Horizon middle school robotics team! You guys put on a great compitition last year and I put together a couple videos from it! You can check them out on my channel under the “Horizon Middle School Robotics Compitition-2012” if you could check them out and tell me what you think that would be awesome. If you could also put them? in your “friends of minds-i” playlist or refer to them on your site that would be awesome! If you enable me as a contact I can tell you more!

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