8 thoughts on “simple balancing analog robot

  1. Cheap photocells …
    Cheap photocells were used. There’s a light above the robot and that’s the only reference. The photocells provide both proportional and derivative (through a capacitor) information. You must use derivative information to make the system stable.

  2. Yes, only a 555 …
    Yes, only a 555 timer was used. It’s set up as a pulse generator and those pulses control the actions of a servo modified for continuous rotation. A modified servo is a full proportional bi-directional device.

    The 555 timer is used as a crude but highly functinal PID controller (only PD was used in this robot). You can email me at:

    tom ((at) newschooltch ((dot) com

    and I’ll email you an article on how to build this robot with schematics.

  3. actually a 555 …
    actually a 555 makes sense if its set to switch something back and forth right ? very cool

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