TRRSTAN the Audio Cellbot Overview

This is an overview of TRRSTAN, our new cellbot kit. TRRSTAN does not use a microcontroller to drive the servos, instead it uses your phones’s headphone jack. We believe it to be the lowest price programable mobile robotics platform available today. Kits now shipping, see

The control circuit is very simple, the only part is a quad optocoupler that rectifies the audio channels using the diode property of the leds. When the audio signal is above ground it turns on one led, and when the audio signal is below ground it turns on the other. In this way we can control 4 servos total. The optocoupler also boosts the signal to 5v and squares off the wave nicely. The quad opto is the only chip that deals with the control signal, all the other stuff on the board is for a 5v buck boost power supply.

There is space on the board to add 2 0-5v sensors and two quadrature encoders and two bump switches. It communicates back to the phone via the microphone line. This sensor upgrade kit is still in prototype.

Duration : 0:1:30

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