Exploration within the realms of robotic dresses; a spider dress gave birth. A cute little host creature created by fashiontech designer ANOUK WIPPRECHT and hacker & engineer DANIEL SCHATZMAYR – A prototype of a mechanic dress equipped with sensors indicators and controllers, created with the aim to give more power and ‘psychological thrills’ to the sugar sweet character that performative wearables often have. Sensoric, servo controlled, mechanic, microcontroller based and reacting//attacking upon approach, inspired by the game LIMBO.

Presented during VIVE LE ROBOTS / Cafe Neue Romance in Prague during the EU Robotics week NOVEMBER 2012 and prototyped during TEDX Vienna in collaboration with the ‘METALAB’ – Vienna’s famous hackerspace. And with the use of black plexiglass by EVONIK industries (Germany)

MOVIE CREDITS – model BARBORA RIHAK | make up artist LINDA CHUDOMELOVA | shot in PRAGUE, official photoshoot by MOJMIR BURES video shots and edit by Anouk Wipprecht

Duration : 0:1:29

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  1. Yanno, given this …
    Yanno, given this is fashion, I think we can allow a LITTLE artistic license here? “Spidery.” It’s spidery. That’s good enough.? u_u

  2. GAhhhh stop with …
    GAhhhh stop with the frakking focus. It doesnt make it “artsy”, it just ruins the? video.

  3. The director trying …
    The director trying to be artistic with the? camera ruins my appreciation of the artistry of the dress.

  4. Would be cool if it …
    Would be cool if it could be tied to? a little brain sensor, could be an interesting way to emote

  5. $20? says that Lady …
    $20? says that Lady Gaga will be wearing this thing (or some other techno horror) in her next public appearance!!

  6. The only creepy …
    The only creepy thing about this video is the? broken autofocus. Can you use manual settings next time?

  7. Why is the audio …
    Why is the audio backwards??? Are you trying to scare? me?? ME??? ok, i’m scared.

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