Robotic Bird Takes Flight

Robots are taking to the skies! We’re not talking military drones. We mean the kind of sweet robots you dreamt of as a kid. Anthony gives us a sneak peak.

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Duration : 0:2:7

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25 thoughts on “Robotic Bird Takes Flight

  1. @ovtsnjz if only …
    @ovtsnjz if only more people knew how good they were this video is amazing Yeah and peeps use? this to get the mp3 of this song:

  2. I’m an American and …
    I’m an American and I think the US/Imperial system is kind of tedious when? it comes to length. To me, the metric system is more precise.

  3. what a piece of …
    what a piece of shit! it looks like its been glued together with glue!
    i bet it fell? to pieces after this video was made


  5. And make it harder …
    And make it harder for the rest of the world?
    We’re using an obsolete form of measurement, it isn’t as straightfoward as the metric? system.

  6. What’s my response? …
    What’s my response? Let them change. We cannot change. It will be to expensive to change to the metric system. Think about how many machining we do here. Just for the machining, it would cost over 1 billion? dollars to change all the machining from Inches to Centimeters. So when you add the total amount on the bill to convert the whole country to metric, it would take an expensive $100 trillion to move the whole country to metric.

  7. You use a form of …
    You use a form of it.? You may not be completely metric but what about the factories?

  8. So, what is your …
    So, what is your response to the? English, Canadians, and Australians that said otherwise?

  9. Agreed, in the UK …
    Agreed, in the UK we use Imperial for some things but generally anything? official or technical its metric. Most people can work with either

  10. 😮 Hai Levi 😀 well …
    😮 Hai Levi 😀 well it’s? messed up, but i more use the Imperial =/

  11. Oh god… an army …
    Oh god… an army of robot Pterodactyls O.o
    Why do I get the? impression it’ll be like Jurassic Park but with robots?

  12. I can confirm that …
    I can confirm that every? Canadian in existence hates the imperial system.

  13. Germany is getting …
    Germany is getting ready for? a Fourth Reich with robotic stormtroopers, just wait for a robo-blitzkrieg.

  14. so as a lifelong …
    so as a lifelong Canadian I can assume you, Canada does not use the Imperial System, and has not for over 20 years. Not legally, and for the majority of the population, not even colloquially,? especially for those under 40 to 50 years old. in my personal experience even the over 50 use metric colloquially more often than imperial.

  15. as an add on to @ …
    as an add on to @heyy13 the situation is exactly the same in Canada; all official and legal things use metric (e.g. all packaging for edible things must legally have the weight/volume of the edible stuff on it (like in the US and most countries) IN METRIC) if a company chooses to add? on imperial units they can, but they must ALSO have metric units. All public school for some 30 years have been teaching metric, and metric exclusively for over 20 years.

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