FastRunner, a robot Ostrich

Dr. Russ Tedrake (MIT) and Dr. Jerry Pratt (IHMC) are working on a bio-inspired ostrich robot that should be able to achieve running speeds in excess of 20 mph.

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25 thoughts on “FastRunner, a robot Ostrich

  1. If they can make it …
    If they can make it turn? nimbly and remain stable while standing, then sign me up to have my legs replaced with these!

  2. how is it a rip off …
    how is it a rip off? have you seen any of those star wars mechs walk around in real life? i mean look, the creators of starwars did not have any blueprints. all they had was stop? motion or in this era computer animation. the people in the video are engineers not hollywood effects artists.

  3. Make a? way for it …
    Make a? way for it to climb stairs and turn around nimbly, and I’ll happily cut off my legs and be a test subject.

  4. does anybody know …
    does anybody know what Metal Gear Solid is??? this looks straight up like these things? called Gecko Units.

  5. But much will it …
    But much will it weigh, how much will it cost, how difficult will it be to , repair, etc. ALL of these? kill that super unmanned fantasy military.

    We have been able to emp harden things for decades the problem is the extra cost, weight and complexity.

  6. Thats nice and is …
    Thats nice and is quite possible. However considering the biggest computers and fastest still can do the job you arent going to have a robot soldier for another 50yrs atleast. Plus there are many jobs robots can’t do because they aren’t human. Plus it would be helarious when you army of 2,500 robot troops gets a emp set off above their position… more troops.

    Plus their is? the question of cost and resources. Its just not that simple.

  7. Ok here’s what we …
    Ok here’s what we are going to see over the course of this decade. We are going to witness exponential growth in robotics and AI and battery technology. Ok the robots we’re seeing now are just the beginning to robot revolution thats underway. And now that DARPA is funding it and pushing it along I think America wil be #1!!!!! Listen robotics is the future? of warefare so we in America have to be first. We are talking about eventually being able to take humans out of death’s way

  8. i think the future …
    i think the future will see far smaller and more economical computing systems.

    But remember war is the single most complicated, stressful, and dirty endevor humans have. Machines fail constantly. Not to mention the Human body is shaped? more for endurance walking and jogging than what a robotic soldier or support vehicle would need.

    Simple tracks and wheeled vehicles with some more insect like designs and big dog type i can see. The above looks like a light scout design.

  9. While robots are …
    While robots are already heavily invested in our forces? and will probably become more so they have alot of limitations. We aren’t even within sight of a battlefield AI capable of what your wanting. Can’t even do air to air yet robots have crappy situational awarness.
    Add to that the problems with maintanence and others and it just falls apart. Like i said robots will support huamns not replace them.
    Its not a easy question of A+B=C so much as a complicated list of variables and unknowns

  10. Hey I know that …
    Hey I know that robotics are limited in what they can do right now but you have to take somehing into consideration here. Over the course of this decade the innovation we’re going to witness is going to be nothing less than amazing! Ok technology grows exponentially rather than linearally so yes I’m betting by 2020 we’re going to see some really capable? humanoids on the battlefield. Trust me man robotics and AI are the future of warefare. It’s going to happen faster than you think

  11. We’ll skip the …
    We’ll skip the religious fundamentalism part sense out of all he said there wasn’t any fundamentalist religious talk in there
    Carl Sagan was a smart man.? Of course i know people who can design jets for the military but can’t seem to get the XBOX working for their kids. And i know dumbasses who can. And history is full of idiots who thought they had it figured out until their assumptions were shown as lies.
    Im a nationalist try not to be a dick but my ppl and country above all others.

  12. First off calm down …
    First off calm down. Second if someone thinks america shouldn’t strive to lead in robotics, fuck’em. Thats their opinion. Dont get so bent out of shape.

    3rd, Robots have a role on the present and future battlefield. Infantry is not it. Human beings? are far more adaptable, and flexable both mentaly and physicaly than robots. Infantry is one of the most demanding jobs in the military. Robots are not going to replace people in that area soon. However they will back em up with firepower.

  13. Uh I have read Carl …
    Uh I have read Carl Sagan’s book Cosmos. And i have seen parts of the series as well but it matters not for I’ve read his book. Listen I dont care what any of you have to say. Robotics is something America should be first in! I’m an American and we? have a tradition of doing things first! Robotics is the future of warfare period! Why send our boys to die if we can have robots do it? Maybe humans will still have a place on the battlefield but if so they’re gonna be clad in iron man suits

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