Incredible Robots – The Future of Mankind – Extreme Machines – Discovery Channel Documentary

Machines are evolving 10 million times faster than man. In 100 years time, robots will run our houses, drive our vehicles, patrol our streets, operate on our bodies, and fight our wars — they may even take over our world. Find out how in Incredible Robots.Robots are machines that can perform some human tasks or imitate some of the things that a person can do.

Harder – Robots are mechanical devices that operate automatically. They can perform a wide variety of tasks; jobs that are repetitious and boring, difficult, or too dangerous for people to perform. Industrial robots efficiently complete routine tasks such as drilling, welding, assembly, painting, and packaging. They are used in manufacturing, electronics assembly, and food processing.

The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’ that means drudgery. The science and technology that deals with robots is called robotics. A typical robot completes its task by following a set of specific instructions that tell it what and how the job is to be completed. These instructions are programmed and stored in the robot’s control center, a computer or partial computer. Robots come in different sizes and shapes. Few resemble humans as is frequently depicted in science fiction. Most are stationary machines with a single arm that lifts or moves objects and uses tools.

Engineers have also developed mobile robots with video cameras for sight and electronic sensors for touch. These new generation robots are controlled by both their stored instructions (software programs) and by feedback that they receive from the sensors. Such robots might be used on the ocean floor at depths man is unable to reach and in planetary exploration and other scientific research.

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    I think that in the future the human species and the robots? will merge into something extraordinary, this will be the next step of human evolution.

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