BattleBot Carnage Part1

Part 1 of my battlebot whipping up some destruction. The lack of grip and the fact that a gear was slipping on the left side drive made it very hard to steer the bot.

Duration : 0:9:58

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5 thoughts on “BattleBot Carnage Part1

  1. I got some sheet …
    I got some sheet steel laying around here but i don’t intend on putting this up against another bot.. did you check out? the videos on the new bot im building?

  2. dude… all you …
    dude… all you really have to do to put this in a fight is go to the scrapyard, cover the wood up with old car metal, and make a cover around the wheels. i try, but all ym robots fail because all the? escs blow. good for you, though!

  3. Yea i know it …
    Yea i know it wouldn’t last in a fight, I don’t ever plan on putting this up against another bot. The drive system in this bot has been an ongoing problem? as i only have whats laying around to work with. I did fix the gear problem tho.. The new weapon design is working 10x better than it was before. Im actually working on a new battlebot, this one has the drive from a robotic vacuum and the weapon is a vertical spinner drum that use to be the motor from a ceiling fan

  4. The wood body and …
    The wood body and plastic wheels wouldnt last in a? fight. plus that stripping transmission is giving up. your blade is working good

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