Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Knife Server Troll Video C4/claymore/defib kill

Those who know me, know I’m all against the BF3 knife only boost servers. I’m not saying those who join them can’t knife… I’m just saying it’s cheating. I would never go into one of these on my main account and tarnish nearly 50,000 legit melee kills.

That being said, it gave me great pleasure to troll some of these servers! To be honest, I got kicked more from servers for knifing the admin, than banned for breaking rules. I started out each server using the acb90 and bunny hopping to fool them and have them believe I’m there for dogtags. I wanted to do a little bit of everything! C4, smoke launcher, claymores, defibs, and even MAV killing.

Anyways guys, if you take your Battlefield Tagging seriously, you owe it to yourself to stay out of these servers 😉

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Duration : 0:2:59

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7 thoughts on “Battlebot: Battlefield BF3 Knife Server Troll Video C4/claymore/defib kill

  1. Yep 🙂 you knifed …
    Yep 🙂 you knifed me against my will more than? a few times! LOL It was still fun though.

  2. It’s been …
    It’s been considered! I have all the golds,? but may take some friends on hunts and record 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH I? do this all the time. Easy way to get somee C4 kills

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